4 reasons to do postgraduate studies in Information Technology

4 reasons to do postgraduate studies in Information Technology

5G is becoming a reality in Brazil: after a long debate about the implementation of the service in the country, the year 2021 has advanced in the execution of the auction of the new bands. And this is just the tip of the iceberg: it is now that information and communication technologies (ICT) will be needed more than ever.

With the expanding market and the need to be at the forefront of this process, more and more professionals are seeking specific qualifications in the IT area. This is where graduate studies come in: faster and more focused than undergraduate courses, and more consistent than open courses, specializations are ideal for continuing education.

Want more information to make the best decision? Then check out here the main reasons to invest in this area.

1. A booming market

A booming market
5G will transform everything from home to industry, requiring professional training to make this leap in quality. (Source: Shutterstock)

Despite Brazil experiencing a deep crisis, the information technology services sector has been growing. To a large extent, this was one of the few positive legacies of covid-19: changes in the way of life required a new architecture of organizations that fostered the ICT niche.

And, of course, 5G comes in handy. With more infrastructure for data, there tends to be a huge expansion in the coming years to account for the leap in quality represented by the extra “G”.

One example of this is embedded systems. From the appliance industry to construction, from car manufacturers to the entertainment industry, 5G tends to significantly change the way goods and services are produced and consumed. And this will require a lot of work from people with IT expertise.

2. Practice-oriented courses

A good specialization course in the area should offer tools to intervene in the job market. As graduation is required as a prerequisite (a bachelor’s degree, a licentiate or a technology course) and is aimed at professionals in the sector who already have a theoretical foundation, the idea is to gain practical knowledge.

In the case of the postgraduate course offered by Mackenzie, in addition to in-depth knowledge in the area, there is also the development of management elements. Thus, the course presents the following pedagogical organization:

Module 1: Development and Enterprise Architecture
  • Process Management and Software Engineering
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Digital Culture and Labor Market
  • Cloud Solutions
Module 2: Disruptive Technologies
  • Big Data Engineering
  • Business Analytics
  • Disruptive Technologies
  • Digital Transformation & Business Agility
Module 3: User Experience and Security
  • Performance Metrics and Objective and Key Results
  • User Experience
  • Cybersecurity
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

3. Synchronous and asynchronous meetings

Synchronous and asynchronous meetings
The graduate course in Information Technology Management at Mackenzie combines synchronous and asynchronous moments (Source: Shutterstock/Reprodução)

One of the main benefits of choosing a distance learning specialization is the flexibility to study. For this reason, some specializations mix synchronous and asynchronous meetings, as is the case of the specialization in Information Technology Management at Mackenzie. Another great advantage.

4. Networking

Speaking of Mackenzie’s post-graduation course, it is a great alternative for those who wish to strengthen their networking. Having contact with other colleagues from different companies in the area is a great way to create relationships for your career.

The Folha University Ranking highlights Mackenzie as the best non-public institution in the state of São Paulo. Thus, although the course has 55 locations all over the country, it is a guarantee of quality and, in addition, of soft skills enhancement and networking. With the market heating up, this is the best time to consolidate yourself in the area and have access to more opportunities.

Source: Mackenzie.

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