How to develop creative potential and get over anxiety?

How to develop creative potential and get over anxiety?

The search for self-development, whether in a personal, academic, or professional level, offers a multitude of paths, and it is not always easy to choose which one to follow. One of the questions that may arise is: how to develop the creative potential in this process?

The answer is not simple, because many subjective aspects are involved, but it is important to pay attention to how to respond to this type of questioning through attitudes, because it is easy to get overwhelmed by anxiety at decisive moments.

Developing the creative potential goes far beyond knowing or defining the goals and objectives for the medium and long term. Because it is a very individual aspect, it is necessary both to seek constant improvement and to invest in mental health by adopting healthy habits.

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The importance of respecting one’s own time

Respecting one’s own time and practicing activities that provide well-being is fundamental. Searching for references and inspirations also helps, motivates, and assists in the choice of a path to follow within the creative process.

After all, the potential of each one needs to be cultivated with great care so that it can mature, and this will not happen without a lot of work. To help in this process, we have selected three books that show the importance of overcoming anxiety and promote reflection on the process of choice and change of habits.

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The Harvard Way of Being Happy

No anxiety or discouragement: In this book, Shawn Achor shows the impact of happiness on academic and professional performance, addressing new ideas on the subject in a light and entertaining way. Those who believe that success comes before happiness will change their minds after reading this book.

A job for love

A job to love is part of the School Of Life collection and seeks to offer a reflection on the way we choose to go on our professional journey, showing that being realistic in this process can make life much lighter and with more consistent choices.

Atomic Habits

James Clear’s best-seller can be very useful at any time in life by exploring how a change of attitude, however small, can become a habit that generates long-term results. In other words, choosing how to better use the time dedicated to studying can become a much simpler exercise to perform on a daily basis with the adoption of some specific techniques.

Atomic Habits
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Finding the Way

Finding balance is not simple, but it is important not to be afraid to change your mind or to learn from your own experiences. As much as anxiety may appear at times, it is also relevant because it can help you find what needs to be improved in your routine.

After all, as difficulties are overcome and come to be seen more naturally, developing one’s own creative potential begins to be a very welcome consequence of this process.

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