HUAWEI WiFi AX2S: all about the new WiFi router 6

HUAWEI WiFi AX2S: all about the new WiFi router 6

Protagonist in the telecommunications sector both in terms of Wi-Fi 6 devices and contributing in partnership with telecom operators in the implementation of 5G technology in Brazil, Huawei announces launch of new router – initially only for the internet service provider (ISP) market. The company introduced to the B2B market the HUAWEI WiFi AX2S, its newest router that supports the sixth, and latest, generation of the Wi-Fi standard.

With the high demand for models capable of delivering higher quality operations, Huawei has developed a router that promises to bring a faster and more stable experience to consumers.

HUAWEI WiFi AX2S: Wi-Fi connection experience 6

In increasingly connected times, having a good internet connection is a must, since we are always using the network to perform various everyday activities. Huawei, committed to providing better connectivity, has been working with routers that support Wi-Fi 6, promoting better connections for its users.

HUAWEI WiFi AX2S Wi-Fi connection experience 6
HUAWEI WiFi AX2S Wi-Fi connection

Ensuring larger coverage area and faster response compared to Wi-Fi 5, HUAWEI WiFi AX2S also offers maximum theoretical dual-band wireless connection rate of 1,501 Mbps (1,201 Mbps at 5 GHz + 300 Mbps at 2.4 GHz) and the ability to simultaneously connect up to 64 devices, with 32 in the 2.4 GHz band and 32 more in the 5 GHz band. In addition, the router has four Gigabit Ethernet WAN/LAN ports.

Another new feature is Wi-Fi diagnostics with heat map, something that can be accessed directly through the HUAWEI AI Life APP. Through it, users can delve even deeper into the device’s functions, finding out which are the most suitable places to position the router and use the internet, as well as observing the coverage area in real time.

By activating this specific function, it is possible to identify by means of colors where the highest signal strength and the network coverage limits are. Should any errors occur, the application is also ready to inform you of their origin.

Whether in a home or corporate environment, the HUAWEI WiFi AX2S provides the best of WiFi 6 technology, avoiding connection fluctuations and improving performance in various everyday activities, such as streaming content, downloading and uploading files, online games and video conferences, among others.

Other advantages of HUAWEI WiFi AX2S

Security concerns grow as digitalization increases. The HUAWEI HomeSecTM protection solution brings powerful security and privacy features, with a system capable of identifying threats and possible malware attacks.

Other advantages of HUAWEI WiFi AX2S

This and other functions can be managed in Huawei’s app, which also offers parental control, preventing certain sites from being accessed when connected to the network, as well as other management options to protect the family. The model also allows the creation of a Wi-Fi network for guests and of block and trust lists.

With HarmonyOS Mesh+, signal coverage is intelligently extended by connecting routers of the same model in different rooms or spaces. By finding the best connection for each situation, the feature creates a single network with the paired routers, avoiding buffering when walking through rooms and swapping access points.

HarmonyOS Mesh+
HarmonyOS Mesh+

Specially designed for ISPs, the HUAWEI WiFi AX2S also supports the HiConfig tool, which allows mass configuration of all routers in a single system. In an organized and dynamic way, this tool reduces costs by greatly increasing the efficiency of router maintenance.

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