Public management: what it is and how important it is

Public management: what it is and how important it is

Everything that is managed needs to be efficient, whether it is a home, a business, or a public agency. When we think about the effectiveness of the performance of services, goods and assets of the State, we are talking about public management.

In practice, it is an area of the Administration with a specific focus on the public sector, responsible for ensuring that areas such as education, health, housing, and labor develop guidelines of collective interest. The manager in charge must implement and supervise actions aimed at the development of a city, a state, or a nation.

What is the importance of public management?

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It is possible to summarize the importance of those who work in public management by saying that it is the function of the person in this position to plan actions for the development of the community. A good manager must have in mind the search for the reduction of social inequalities, creating strategies by reading the configurations of the society he or she belongs to.

Another aspect that makes this position important is that the professional is also charged with elaborating strategies to improve the economic sector. Therefore, the public manager needs to have a global, transversal look at society, which means understanding everything from municipal, state, and federal legislation to accounting.

It is important to emphasize that the professional does not necessarily need to hold a political position. The third sector, formed by non-profit, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that provide public services, also fits into public management, since it seeks to generate a positive impact on society.

What is the difference between public management and private management?

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The fundamental difference between public and private management is in the purpose. While public management focuses on the common good, private management has a single, clear goal: profits.

The differences are deeper, because public departments exist by legal determination, while private ones are formed by partners. Public fundraising is done, mainly, from taxes. In private management, the budget comes from payments received from clients for the purchase of products or services.

The control of results, the area of coverage, and the planning model are also different in both sectors, not to mention the guarantee of survival of the public entity. There are similarities between the two areas, because certain techniques are in common use, valid for both the public and private sectors.

However, public administrative practices seek to improve collective life, applying social and economic strategies, while the private sector is focused on growth for its own benefit or that of its owners.

How to work with public management?

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There are several ways to work in public management. Having a degree in Administration will give you the necessary skills to work in the sector; if you have a specialization in Public Policies, this will be a great differential.

The courses in this area guarantee differentiated knowledge for planning, implementing, and supervising actions and projects that are of collective interest. To take advantage of the opportunities in public agencies, approval in competitive examinations is required.

On the other hand, the third sector is growing, especially because of the projects it develops with governments. In the private sector, many companies are open to this type of professional, who can act as an articulator of partnerships between the public and private sectors, especially in bidding.

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