Sviej Badlalele – Gqom Gangster (ALBUM)

TRACKS: Sviej Badlalele – Gqom Gangster (ALBUM)

Artist: Sviej Badlalele
Title: Gqom Gangster (ALBUM)
Label: Durban Gqom Music Concepts
Format: Mp3
Year Released: 2018


  1. Sviej Badlalele – Thunder (SilverSoul Diss)
  2. Sviej Badlalele, Funky Qla – Wages (feat. Funky Qla)
  3. Sviej Badlalele, Irohn Rodd – Gqom Side Chains (feat. Irohn Rodd)
  4. Sviej Badlalele – Quavo
  5. Sviej Badlalele – Malema
  6. Sviej Badlalele – Badlakaze Sviej Badlalele – Syakhothulula
  7. Sviej Badlalele – Spirit Of Snyobha
  8. Sviej Badlalele, CampMasters – NY110 (feat. CampMasters)
  9. Sviej Badlalele, Cleanbeat, Tarenzo – Reason (feat. Cleanbeat & Tarenzo)
  10. Sviej Badlalele, King Lee – Gqom Gangsters (feat. King Lee)
  11. Sviej Badlalele, Irohn Rodd – Kwathi Saka (feat. Irohn Rodd)

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