What is and how to network on the internet

What is and how to network on the internet

What is networking?

Networking, or contact network management, is a term often used in the labour market. Technical skills are important to get a good job, but maintaining solid professional ties is also crucial for career growth.

The Internet can help a lot to consolidate this type of alliance, bringing you closer to people who think like you, do what you do and are a reference in the area you value. Learn how the web can be fundamental to improve your networking.

  1. Keep etiquette on the networks

Be careful what you show on your public profiles. On Facebook, for example, you can change privacy settings to avoid exposing controversial opinions to everyone that could compromise a professional approach.

Many companies conduct a thorough inspection of candidates’ social profiles to ensure they have the right profile for that work environment, so show your skills and qualities through your online persona.

Pages like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter serve as murals for you to introduce yourself to the general public. On them, you can disclose actions that you have been developing professionally and build an image that attracts employers. Organize a portfolio and express your work visions in a blog. Through the use of keywords and SEO techniques, you can give more prominence to your publications in search engines like Google and offer notoriety to your profile. Keep your profile updated, coherent and with interesting content.

Keep etiquette on the networks
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2.Attend events

Attend lectures, seminars and workshops in your field. This is a good way to meet people who like what you do and network. Social media is a good way to let people know about these events. As well as great opportunities for new learning, being physically present gives you a chance for interaction and connectivity with a potential employer.

A very useful feature of LinkedIn is connecting users via Bluetooth. Attendees at an event can trigger the feature on their mobile phone and be introduced to other users who are on site.

This way, everyone can connect, create a digital interaction and make their CV and portfolio available online. It is much easier to establish a digital network when there is already a connection between the interested parties.

Attend events
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3.Don’t cross barriers

It’s very exciting to imagine that Facebook or LinkedIn chat is the only thing that separates you from a decision-making entrepreneur at your dream company. But take it easy. Find out if that’s the right social media to contact you on or if sending a message will be invading your social space.

Some people keep personal profiles completely separate from company pages and prefer to have only close connections, such as friends and family. However, if it has already been demonstrated that a certain channel is suitable for this type of interaction, don’t be shy. Demonstrate your interest and knowledge in the most cordial way possible and always have a portfolio at hand to present your potential.


Don't cross barriers
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