When to stop studying, anyway?

When to stop studying, anyway?

Many people who seek a new education cannot wait to finish the course. Study is an ally that breaks down many of the barriers that appear in the journey for better professional placement; besides requiring focus, discipline and energy, it demands a lot of time – and how! Naturally, it is not unusual for a question to arise: after all, when is the time to stop studying?

Let’s start by assuring you that the answer to the above question is: “never“! Have you ever stopped to notice how the learning process not only allows you to gain new technical skills, but also promotes reflection and provides a number of benefits for the mind? Underestimating the impact of the practice of studying is a mistake.

As much as some gains obtained through study appear to be more subjective and even vary from person to person, the practice has had the impact that generates long-term analysis. Thanks to this, the concept of lifelong learning, also known as continuous learning, has been gaining more and more space, even being sought as a mentality to be cultivated in companies.

lifelong learning
The benefits of studying go beyond achievement. (Source: Unsplash/Reproduction)

And not for nothing! The benefits of lifelong learning are numerous. Here are a few.

  • It allows you to go beyond what formal education requires, helping you develop a much broader knowledge base on a variety of subjects.
  • It encourages flexibility, which helps you cope with change and has a positive impact in a volatile labor market full of new technologies.
  • It promotes constant improvement, leaving the professional always up-to-date and ready to learn.
  • It develops self-management, stimulating both security and self-confidence and reflecting in the day-to-day attitude – which is also appreciated in the professional environment.
  • It awakens motivation to keep going, which is closely related to the other benefits already listed, and promotes resilience, an essential skill that helps in the most challenging scenarios.
Studying goes far beyond finishing college. And today there is no lack of resources to carry the practice forward. (Source: Pexels/Reproduction)

So, everything you learn contributes to developing a unique edge in the professional environment, making you even more valuable in the job market. The good thing is that continuous learning offers a universe of possibilities, whether in college or graduate school, and can also be explored through books, webinars, lectures, extension courses, and language courses.

The truth is that the process of studying and developing is something that will always be present in both personal and corporate life. After all, this is what ends up serving as support for the achievement of important conquests, such as getting a promotion or even exploring the possibility of starting over and investing in a new career.

If organization and a good direction are essential, what certainly also makes the difference is to be in an environment that can provide the desired success.

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